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USA Masters Academy

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At USA Masters Academy, we are helping men, women, and children all across Ontario County, Steuben County, and the overall Finger Lakes Region find success. Our martial arts training focuses primarily on the skills of traditional Taekwondo, helping people of all ages develop mental, physical, and emotional success in no time.

We are proud to work with people of all experience levels, helping everyone in our community stay challenged and learn something new every day. Whether you're looking for a great way to stay in shape or you're hoping to set your child up for long-lasting success, we have the answer.

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Let us all learn a lesson from an establishment that uses the following character traits to conduct business. Modesty, integrity, courtesy, etiquette, self-control, perseverance, indomitable spirit, respect. My name is Ronda and I have been a student at the Academy for 6 years. I am also an adult business professional that has worked and lived in this community for over 20 years. I am proud and honored to be a part of USA Masters Academy. From the perspective as a student, the life skills, defensive skills, and fitness skills I have gained have far exceeded my expectations. As a consumer paying for these services, the same holds true. The Academy consistently displays professional integrity, loyalty and commitment to their students and parents. The reason the school is as successful as it is (and they have 3 locations) is because it is one of those rare businesses that is authentic in its delivery of the services they provide. Safety is vitally important when researching schools for self-training and training for your children. Make sure the establishment you select has well trained instructors who make your training and safety, their priority, just as the Academy does. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a healthy, positive, safe environment to learn martial arts, this is the place for you. The school I selected 6 years ago for training has blessed me with an extended family of instructors, students and parents who call themselves USA Masters Academy, I hope your journey will be as rewarding as mine has been.

Kids Martial Arts Ontario County

Ronda B.

masters academy is the best opportunity for my son! he is loving every single minute of his classes and trying his absolute best at class and at home to succeed in anything. he now has that confidence that i've been trying to get out of him. his attitude has been great, friendly toward everyone even the younger kids. i have signed him up for the black belt excellence program for 2 years and they worked with me to help pay the tuition! Thank you all very much!

Kids Martial Arts Ontario County

Michelle E.

I have been taking classes at USA Masters Academy since I was eleven, and I have had the best experiences one could ever have. I have made great friends and have gotten in shape in an environment that truly cares about the family. All of the instructors are outstanding and really care about the students and have experience in training a wide range of students.

Kids Martial Arts Ontario County

Jonah S.

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