Master The Skills Of Real-world Self-defense In Our Self defense classes

At the USA Masters Academy, we give all the opportunity to learn how to be more successful and reliable in self-defense. Our KWC Progressive Combat System lets you make the most of every move and stay safe in every situation.

Our class is perfect for all levels of experience. Visit us in Victor or fill out your screen's short form to learn more! Ready to check it out? Special intro deal click below!

Why Is Our Self-Defense System Right For You?

The reality is, with a simple formula, real-world altercations can not be anticipated or combated. You must be "like water" and respond precisely to a hazard.

Our self-defense method teaches us how to do that.

At our Self defense classes, you'll learn how to: 
  • Gain maximum force with just minimal effort
  • React instinctively to a threat with a disciplined approach
  • Defend with simplicity and efficiency